10 Disneyland Paris Tips for Adults

We just keep booking more trips to Disneyland Paris and there’s a good reason for it: Disneyland Paris isn’t just for children. There are loads (if not more!) fun things for adults to do at the parks and the wider resort. These are our top tips for making the most out of your trip as an adult!

Disneyland Paris castle

1. Sample the Resort Cocktails

Disneyland Paris isn’t really a clubbing/party holiday but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cheeky cocktail at one of the Disneyland Hotels or bars. Most of the bars have a good range of cocktails. We loved the Glowtini’s – which are vodka based and served with a light-up plastic ice-cube (which you get to keep!).

TOP TIP: Drink prices for the SAME COCKTAILS vary hugely across the resort. The cheapest we found was in the Rio Grande bar at the Santa Fe hotel at €12 . The most expensive was in Cafe Fantasia in the Disneyland Hotel (€18 for one!!) so choose your bars carefully if you’re on a budget!

red glowtini cocktail
The red Glowtini I got from the Rio Grande bar in Hotel Santa Fe!


2. Try out the more “adult facilities”

Did you know that the Disneyland Hotel has a spa? And you don’t have to be staying there to use it. We have a massage and facial booked in for our March 2020 trip and we can’t wait! What a perfect way to relax after a long, manic day at the parks?!

You can also go for afternoon tea in the Disneyland Hotel, another treat we’ve booked for our March trip!

3. Embrace the Character Experiences

Trust me on this one – you might feel a tiny bit silly to begin with but joining in with the characters is SO MUCH FUN. I promise you, it’s not just for kids. The characters are really interactive and they’re as good with adults as they are with children. On our February 2019 trip – we were dancing around Walt Disney Studios in Spanish mode with Buzz Lightyear. Best day ever. Anyone who judges adults for getting in on the character experiences is just missing out.

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pluto Disneyland paris
Being silly with Pluto on our final day!


4. Don’t Skip the “Children’s” Rides

Some of the rides at Disneyland Paris/Walt Disney Studios are definitely aimed more towards children but that doesn’t mean you should give them a miss! We loved the Slinky Dog ride in Toy Story Playland more than the children did!

5. Stay until the park closes at least once!

Every night just before the park closes, Disneyland Paris hosts a beautiful fireworks/projection show on the castle. It’s absolutely unmissable. However, as the park closing time varies throughout the year, during the summer it can begin as late as 11pm.

It’s definitely a long day but it’s worth it for one night of your trip. Of course, it may not be fair to do this if you have little ones with you on your trip but if you’re travelling solo or as a group of adults, it’s 100% worth doing.

6. Use Single Rider Queues

Some of the Disneyland Paris/Walt Disney Studios rides offer a “single rider” option.

This is really useful on Ratatouille. I’ve never seen the single rider queue longer than 15 minutes – even when the regular queue was over an hour. If it’s not absolutely crucial that your whole group sits together, use the single rider queue. You will save so much queuing time, and in turn get more rides done in the park!

7. Pay with Monzo

We use Monzo every time we’re abroad.

Just load your Monzo card up before you go and use it like a normal debit card. You will always be given the best exchange rate and there are no transaction fees – which will save you a fortune if you’re planning to buy a lot of merchandise or if you’re not on a meal plan and will be paying for all your meals separately. You can also keep track of your spending (and top up your account) via the Monzo app.

TOP TIP – It’s still handy to have a tiny bit of cash to hand in case of emergencies.

8. Make the most of Extra Magic Time

If you’re staying onsite at a Disney Hotel (Disneyland Hotel, Newport Bay, Sequoia Lodge, Cheyenne or Santa Fe) or if you have an annual pass, you can access the parks from 8:30 for Extra Magic Hours. The parks open to the general public at 10:00am. Granted, not every single ride is open during Extra Magic Hours but you can get SO much done when the parks are less busy.

During our first Extra Magic Hours we managed to ride Peter Pan’s Flight, Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast and Hyperspace Mountain 3 times all before 9:30am. We used the last half hour to make sure that we were front of the line to meet Mickey Mouse when his meet and greet opened at 10.

Extra Magic Hours are completely invaluable and definitely worth getting up for.

Disneyland Paris castle
Extra Magic Time is also a really good opportunity to get a photo in front of the castle without loads of people in the background!


9. Visit the Parks off-peak and midweek

If you’re not tied to visiting Disneyland Paris during the school holidays or weekends, I would definitely recommend going midweek. The parks are a lot less busy Monday-Thursday and you can cram so much more into your day.

On our last trip we went Thursday – Monday and we noticed a big difference between how busy it was on a Thursday/Friday compared to Saturday and Sunday! The final day of our last trip was also the first day of the French school holidays and it was MADNESS. Lesson learned!

We’ve booked Sunday – Thursday and Monday-Thursday for our next two trips to make the most of our time at the parks.

10. Research your restaurant options

I couldn’t recommend researching your food options in advance enough. There are so many different restaurants/cuisines to try across the resort.

You can even reserve a table online from 60 days before you travel. Salon Mickey have put all the links together on one handy page and you can check out the menus for all of the resorts restaurants and bars on the Disneyland Paris website. If you’re visiting Disneyland Paris at a busy/peak time – make sure to book your meals in advance so you’re not disappointed on the day.

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Have you visited Disneyland Paris as an adult? Are there any tips I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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