Dining at Disneyland Paris – Café Mickey Review

Cafe Mickey Pluto

If you’ve read Part 2 of my December 2019 Disneyland Paris Trip Report series, you’ll remember that we visited Café Mickey for the first time.

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Café Mickey is a character dining experience in the Disney Village. It’s a table service restaurant and 5-6 Disney characters come to visit your table during the meal.

We went to the 9:15pm sitting and we were there for around 2 hours.


Cafe Mickey Menu

Cafe Mickey has a very bright colour scheme which seems perfect for Mickey’s restaurant! There are plenty of “hidden Mickeys’ too – the lights on the ceiling are Mickey-shaped and every chair has a Mickey head on the back.

The Food

Café Mickey has as set menu and you can download a copy from the Disneyland Paris official website.  I had seen mixed reviews online as the menu is a bit more “fancy” than some of the other restaurants at the resort. So you may need to keep that in mind if you have fussy eaters in your party.

We both ordered exactly the same, and we got a free non-alcoholic cocktail each which is a perk for Annual Passholders.

Chicken Ballotine Cafe Mickey

For starters we ordered Chicken Ballotine – which was chicken with salad and a mushroom sauce. The chicken was served cold, which we weren’t expecting but it was really tasty all the same. It was also served with bread, French bread is the best bar none!

Cafe Mickey steak and vegetables

For our main we both got steak and pepper sauce with mashed potato and vegetables. As you can see from the photos, the steaks were massive. When it first came out, we thought the portion of mashed potatoes and veg were tiny but as we got into the steak – they ended up being the perfect size.

Cafe Mickey Mickey dessert

Finally for dessert we got the “Mickey” dessert. I was a bit dubious about this one, just because of the colouring but it was AMAZING. It had a chocolate biscuit base with chocolate ice-cream inside. The colouring was tasteless.

The Characters

Mickey Mouse
Mickey got very excited when he saw this plush!

We met Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Eeyore and Tigger and each one came to our table at least twice throughout the course of our meal. The interaction we had with them all was excellent and we had so many laughs.

Stand-out moments for me were Mickey posing with the plushie we had on our table and generally the amount of attention we got from Minnie! We all know I’m obsessed with Mickey and Minnie so meeting them both in one evening was magical.

It’s worth noting that the characters left the restaurant around 10:30pm, while we were finishing our desserts. So if you’re going to book Café Mickey to see the characters, I wouldn’t go for any slot after 9:15pm.

Minnie Mouse Cafe Mickey
My favourite girl – she’s so rare in the parks these days so I was so happy to see her at dinner!

The Price

As I mentioned earlier, Cafe Mickey has a set menu which is €65 for adults and €35 for children and you get a three course meal.

If you have an Annual Pass – you can use your discount here (10% for Magic Plus and 15% for Infinity) and as I mentioned previously, you can get a non-alcoholic aperitif for no extra cost.

I will say that although it is quite expensive, it’s not THAT much more than you would pay for a three-course meal in the Rainforest Cafe or Planet Hollywood. We love meeting characters so we’re usually happy enough to pay that little bit extra to have them wandering around during our meal.

Cafe Mickey Mickey Mouse

Any improvements?

More Character Variety – The characters we had were brilliant and they were exactly the characters we wanted to see. However, these 5 seems to be the standard characters for this restaurant. I think Mickey and Minnie should be standard here but it would be great if they mixed it up a little, like they do at Inventions.

Photopass Photographers – I said the same thing in my Inventions review, and it will probably never happen but it would be great to have Photopass Photographer at character meals.

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Eeyore Cafe Mickey


Before this trip we were diehard Inventions fans (and we still are) but we both agreed that we preferred the food at Café Mickey and we preferred not having to get up and get food and risk missing characters!

It’s safe to say that we will definitely be making a return visit to Café Mickey in the not-so-distant future! Although perhaps not every trip as it’s on the pricey end of the Disneyland Paris dining spectrum!

Have you ever been to Café Mickey? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!

Tigger Cafe Mickey

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