Disneyland Paris Merch Haul – March 2020

The long-awaited merch haul post is finally here! We visited Disneyland Paris from 9th-13th March 2020 (the last week before the resort closed). If you want to catch up on our trip reports, you can do that here:

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As far as Disneyland Paris hauls go, this one is relatively modest but I’m so happy with everything that we brought back. AND I didn’t buy a single plush – which is amazing for me!

Most of the things I bought on this trip came from the gift shop in Hotel Cheyenne. One of the best tips we’ve picked up in our many trips to Disneyland Paris is to ALWAYS check the hotel gift shops if you can’t find the particular merch you need. They’re less busy and therefore more likely to have the item you’re looking for.

Pins We Bought

I bought three pins on this trip and Amy bought one.

Pascal Pin

Amy bought this pin of Pascal wearing Rapunzel’s dress. I still giggle every time I look at it. This pin got Amy some really good interaction with Donald Duck, he thought it was hilarious!

Goofy Tower of Terror

The first pin I got was this Goofy pin. He’s acting as a bellhop and wearing the Tower of Terror Cast Member uniform. This pin was one of the February 2020 pin releases and I picked it up from the little pin cart outside Victoria’s on Central Plaza. We were looking for the Stitch Tower of Terror pin the whole time we were there, but every shop was sold out.

Mickey and Minnie Pin

The next pin I got was this Mickey and Minnie formal pin. I dragged Amy round every shop on the resort looking for this and we finally found it in the Disney Store in the Disney Village. It was the only one they had, so I like to think it was fate. It’s quite a big pin and I’m really glad that I was able to find it and add it to my collection.

Chewbacca Star Wars pin

The final one I got was this Chewbacca pin. He was one of my favourite character meets from this trip so I wanted to get a pin to remember it by. I found this one in the Hotel Cheyenne gift shop and I hadn’t seen it anywhere else. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s always a good idea to check the hotel gift shops as well as the parks and Village!

I was also searching the whole resort for the Hotel Cheyenne pin. I collect the hotel key pins for every on-site hotel we stay at but unfortunately every single shop had sold out. It was pretty disappointing but I will make sure to pick it up on our next visit.

Pins We Traded

I didn’t do a huge amount of trading on this trip. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we weren’t allowed to trade with Cast Members for the most part of our holiday. However, on the first day we found the pin board in Harringtons and I managed to get these two lovely pins.

Minnie pins

The first pin (Minnie reading) is a Disneyland Paris exclusive pin. I think it comes from one of the Paris-themed booster packs but I thought it was really cute and it’s one I didn’t already have!

The other pin (SpaceShip Minnie) was one that I’d never seen before. It’s an Open Edition pin from Hong Kong Disneyland. I love finding pins from the Asian parks so I was very excited to see this one on the pin board.

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Misc Items

Colouring Sheet Disneyland Paris

I got this “Best Day Ever” park map colouring sheet in the Hotel Cheyenne gift shop. It is absolutely HUGE. I was in two minds whether or not to buy this at the time but I’m SO glad that I did. It has definitely kept me entertained during lockdown, and it’s taken me a long time to colour as I’m using fine tip pens. I’ve include a progress shot below in case anyone is interested in how I’m getting on. The colouring sheet costs €12.99 and I got it for €11.69 with my Magic Plus discount.

Colouring Sheet Disneyland Paris

The final item we got was this set of 4 glasses. You could mix and match different characters but this set was pre-wrapped in the shop and it had Mickey, Minnie, Stitch and Chip and Dale. This set was an absolute bargain at €12.00 – working out as €3.00 per glass! We’ve got plenty of use out of them at home so we’re really glad we bought them. Again, these were from the gift shop at Hotel Cheyenne.

Gift wrapped Disney glasses

I really hope you enjoyed seeing everything we bought on our March 2020 trip! If you’d like to check out any of my previous Disneyland Paris merch hauls, you can find them here:

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What is your favourite thing you’ve bought at the parks? Let me know in the comments below or send me a message on Instagram: @meganlovesdisney

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