Disneyland Paris Merch Haul – November 2019

I’m so sad that we’re home from our November 2019 Disneyland Paris adventure, but it means I get to share a brand new merch haul here on my blog!

It looks like I went merch-mad this trip, BUT a good few family members gave me money before I went and asked me to pick something at Disney and that can be my Christmas present. In fairness, I didn’t buy anything “big”, it was mainly little bits and pieces. With that being said, I did get things that I really, really love. I’ve also included Amy’s purchases in this blog post because she got some pretty cool bits too!

We did buy some Christmas gifts while we were there but I’m not going to share them on here as we haven’t handed them out yet! #nospoilers !

I’ve tried to remember prices as best as I can, along with the shops we bought everything in. As we have Magic Plus annual passes, we get a 10% discount in all the Disney shops so I’ll put the amount we paid in brackets.

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My Merch Haul


The last thing I need in the whole world is more plushies but I couldn’t resist the two that I got.

Mickey Mouse sleepy plush

I have been after this sleepy Mickey for MONTHS. He’s a Disney Parks exclusive so I couldn’t get him at home. I picked him up at the Emporium on Main Street on our first night, but you can get him in most of the shops in the parks and the Disney Village. He cost €35.99 (€32.39) and he’s really cuddly. They also had other sleepy characters like Minnie, Pluto and Stitch.

Minnie Mouse Plush

I also got this Minnie Mouse plush from the Walt Disney Studios Shop (on the left as soon as you enter the park, before you reach Studio 1). We bought quite a bit of our merch there – it’s a really good shop and it’s usually quieter than the other shops in the park.

While we were there, we saw an amazing show called Mickey’s Christmas Big Band and this outfit is very like the one Minnie wore in the show so I got this plush as a memento of that. She cost €25.99 (€23.39).


Pink Minnie Mouse Mug

Pink Disneyland Paris mug

The first mug I got was this pink Minnie Mouse one with the Disneyland Paris logo on the back. I got it for €12.99 (€11.69) at the Walt Disney Studios shop.

Buzz Lightyear Travel Mug

I also got this Buzz Lightyear travel mug which I actually saw for the first time on our February trip, didn’t buy it and I was kicking myself after we left! The design is deadly and it’s very good quality. I got it from The Disney Store in the Disney Village and it was €14.99 (€13.49).

Christmas Decorations

Mickey and Minnie Christmas decoration

Donald Duck Chip and Dale Christmas decoration

We bought two Christmas decorations this time because we couldn’t pick between the two. We got the Mickey and Minnie bauble in n the Christmas shop on Main Street and the Donald Duck, Chip and Dale bauble in Thunder Mesa in Frontier Land. unfortunately I can’t remember how much they cost. Disneyland Paris have a huge range of Christmas decorations and a lot of them are available all year round.

Pins (Bought)

Pins have quickly become my favourite souvenirs to pick up in the parks. I love pin trading with cast members (I’ll do a full post about this later on) and I’ve found that having pins on my park lanyard is brilliant for character interaction. The characters love finding themselves on my lanyard and it’s a great talking point!

These are the pins that I bought on this trip:

Disney pins


Sorcerer Mickey Disneyland Paris pin – Amy and I have started a tradition that each time we go to Disneyland, we’ll buy each other a secret pin and swap them at the end of the trip. Amy chose this one for me because Mickey Mouse in his Fantasia outfit is my DREAM meet. Unfortunately Mickey doesn’t meet in this outfit in Paris, but this pin is the next best thing. Amy can’t remember where she picked this up or how much it cost, but I saw it in quite a few shops across the resort.

Santa Fe Hotel Key – I want to collect the resort keys for each Disney hotel we stay at. We have stayed at Hotel Santa Fe twice now, so it was time to pick up this one. I got this one in World of Disney in the Disney Village.

Rose Gold Minnie pin – Another tradition I have is to pick up a pin to represent the best character meet of the trip. Minnie Mouse made this trip SO special for me. We were lucky enough to meet her twice and both were the best meets of the whole holiday. Which is why I bought so much Minnie merch this time! I got this pin in the Bay Boutique – which is the gift shop in the Newport Bay Hotel.

Pass Annuel pin – I got this pin to celebrate becoming an Annual Pass holder. It’s really detailed and an amazing keepsake. It cost €9.99 (€8.99) and I got it in World of Disney.

Pins (Traded)

This trip was my first time pin trading. I managed to do 4 great trades and I’m so happy with what I got!

I got the Duffy pin from a lovely cast member in the Emporium and I got Emoji Minnie from a cast member in Thunder Mesa. The “Minnie” hand came from a cast member in the shop at the Sequoia Lodge hotel and a cast member in the Disneyland Hotel happened to have the other half! What are the chances?!

Other Merch

Minnie Mouse Keyring

I got this Minnie Mouse keyring in The Disney Store in the Disney Village and she was €5.99 (€5.39).

The final thing I bought was this Phantom Manor lanyard. I found it on the last day of our trip in Harringtons on Main Street and I hadn’t seen it anywhere else on the resort. Phantom Manor is one of my favourite rides in the parks, and I already have Phantom Manor ears to match. It cost €9.99 (€8.99).


Amy’s Merch Haul


Stitch Plush Disneyland Paris

Amy got this adorable baby Stitch plush in the Walt Disney Studios shop for €25.99 (€23.39) – he’s so soft and Stitch loved him during our meet!


Olaf Disneyland Paris

Amy bought this Bistro Chez Remy sweatshirt from Chez Marianne in Walt Disney Studios (next to the Ratatouille ride). It was €34.99 (€31.49). We had dinner at Bistro Chez Remy on our last night and it was our favourite meal we’ve ever had at Disneyland Paris. Highly recommended!

Stitch Hat
She got this Stitch Santa hat in the gift shop at the Sequoia Lodge hotel for €24.99 (€22.49). It made for amazing interaction with Stitch when we met him.


Stitch Pin

This was the mystery pin I picked for Amy as Stitch is her favourite character (can you tell?!) and her favourite meet from the trip. I got it in the Thunder Mesa shop in Frontier Land.

What merchandise have you bought at Disneyland Paris recently? Or in any of the Disney parks across the world! Leave me a comment and let me know!

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