Disneyland Paris Trip Report – March 2020 – Day 3

Day 3 was one of my very favourite Disney days we’ve ever had. We spent the whole day in Walt Disney Studios (which you can absolutely do when there’s a special season running!). A lot of people call it a half-day park but we always find plenty to do.

While we were there, The Walt Disney Studios park was celebrating the Legends of the Force season so there were plenty of extra Star Wars shows etc on offer.


As always with the Studios, we went to Crushes Coaster first. We love this ride but don’t have the patience to wait in 60+ minute queues later in the day. Next we went on Tower of Terror (and grabbed a fast pass for later in the morning) followed by Cars Quatre Roues Rallye.

Our first character meet of the day was the fabulous Buzz Lightyear. This was our 3rd time meeting Buzz and he never disappoints, he’s always super interactive. We got some great photos which I can’t wait to print out for our photo album.

Side Note: Meet and Greets with Buzz need to be pre-booked on the Lineberty app.

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After spending some time with Buzz, we had a spin on the Ratatouille ride, which is one of Amy’s favourites. The theming in the Ratatouille area of Walt Disney Studios is some of the best in that park. As much as I love visiting the Studios, the theming of the park as a whole is seriously lacking. On a positive note – the expansions and refurbs in the next few years will hopefully fix that!

Mickey Mouse Walt Disney Studios

Then it was time to use our other Lineberty ticket – Mickey Mouse. We were so lucky with Lineberty on this trip – we got all the reservations that we wanted with minimal stress. Mickey was a sweetheart as always – I really cannot walk past a Mickey meet. Even if it means torturing him a couple of different times in one trip!

Tower of Terror
We visited the Hollywood Tower Hotel a crazy amount of times this trip!

Just before lunch, we used our Tower of Terror fast pass. We love this ride SO much. There’s a Cast Member called Clement who works on it and he is worth his weight in gold. I don’t know how much he is paid, but it’s probably not enough. He makes every visit to the Hollywood Tower truly terrifying and we always send a #CastCompliment his way!


We had lunch at Restaurant En Coulisse which is a quick service inside Studio 1 (the entrance to Walt Disney Studios). This is the first time we’ve eaten lunch there, we usually go for breakfast.

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Burger Chips R2D2

The menu in En Coulisse is very similar to the menu in Cafe Hyperion in the Disneyland Park. The one I chose was the “Rebel Alliance Menu” and it costs €16.99. With our Annual Pass discount it came down to €15.30.

It was a burger (beef burger, cheese, salad, crispy onions and chipotle sauce), chips, a drink and an R2D2 dessert. It was all lovely but the dessert was INSANE. The R2D2 dessert was a white chocolate and mango mousse with a white chocolate shell. Disneyland Paris do desserts really well and I would rank that one very highly!

Rebel Alliance Menu Burger Chips


After lunch, we headed out to the Front Lot to meet Goofy. He was really fun and silly as always. Unfortunately, his meeting spot was being refurbed so he wasn’t able to pose against his usual colourful backdrop. He was also in his classic outfit (he usually meets in Walt Disney Studios in his director outfit). I don’t really like any of the photos from this meet – the backdrop really ruined them, but I’ll share one!

Goofy Walt Disney Studios

Next we went to see Mickey and the Magician. We hadn’t seen this show since February 2019 and I was SO excited to see it again. It’s a truly amazing show and it brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.

Then we joined the queue to meet Chewbacca. This was one of the longest, slowest-moving queues I’ve ever stood in. Normally this would drive me crazy and I would give up and do something else. HOWEVER as the queue was right near the Production Courtyard stage, we got to watch all the Star Wars shows from the queue, back-to-back. The shows we saw were:

The First Order Recruitment – This was pretty interactive – Kylo Ren came into the audience and tried to recruit guests. Unfortunately we weren’t able to participate properly because we were in the Chewy queue!
The First Order March – Stormtroopers marching through the park, led by Captain Phasma
Legends of a Galaxy Far, Far Away – This was great and exactly what the season needed. All the classic Star Wars characters were involved, re-creating key scenes from the films. I wish we had got the chance to watch this more than once.
The Imperial March – Much the same as the First Order March but the Stormtroopers are led by Darth Vader.

C3PO and R2D2 in Legends of a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Finally, hours later, it was our turn to meet Chewbacca and he was FANTASTIC. He kept knocking my ears off and the Cast Member with him told me it was because he was jealous (Wookies don’t have ears!). We didn’t stop laughing the whole time we were in the meet and greet, so I hope they bring him back as a permanent fixture in the parks. Perhaps when the Disneyland Paris version of Galaxy’s Edge opens! Fingers crossed!

Chewbacca Star Wars

Chewbacca Walt Disney Studios

After standing virtually still for nearly 2 hours, we decided it was time to do some rides.  We went to Toy Story Playland and ticked off RC Racer and Slinky Dog, then the Tower of Terror (again!).

Donald Duck
I tried my best – at least you can tell it’s Donald Duck!

We then visited the Animation Celebration building to take a drawing class. This is one of my favourite things to do at Walt Disney Studios, and a great activity when your feet are REALLY hurting. We were taught how to draw Donald Duck, much to Amy’s delight!

Stitch Live

We also managed to squeeze in Stitch Live. By this stage in the trip, guest numbers had definitely dropped as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. We’ve seen Stitch Live a few times before and it’s usually very interactive, but we learned that it doesn’t work the same with a smaller audience and it ended up being a bit awkward. With that being said, it won’t put us off watching it again in more “normal” circumstances.


Walt Disney Studios
Waiting for Star Wars – A Galactic Celebration

Our entertainment for the night was Star Wars – A Galactic Celebration. This was truly amazing. There were screens showing classic Star Wars scenes, characters performing stunts on the stage, Droids rolling about, music booming, fireworks and light projections against the Tower of Terror.

Star Wars A Galactic Celebration


Tower of Terror night show

We really loved it, and we said straight away that we would go back and watch it again the next night instead of Illuminations. Unfortunately this plan never materialised as all outdoor entertainment was cancelled the next day for the remainder of our trip. As it worked out, we saw the final performance of a Galactic Celebration. I was so sad for all the performers involved as they had to cut their run short.

Star Wars A Galactic Celebration

After A Galactic Celebration ended – we had to hot-foot it back to our hotel (Hotel Cheyenne) as we had a reservation at the Chuck Wagon for dinner. I don’t want to say too much here about that, because I have a full Cheyenne/Chuck Wagon review coming very soon. I will say that the food is BBQ-style and very tasty.

We packed so much into this day – so we were happy to see our beds straight after dinner!

I hope you enjoyed this instalment of the trip report. Make sure to check back soon for Day 4…where it all starts to get a little bit strange….

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