Disneyland Paris Trip Report – March 2020 – Day 5

And just like that, it’s our final day in Disneyland Paris! As I mentioned in my last post, at this stage there was no outdoor entertainment and further restrictions were in place due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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When we woke up on our final day, we found out via Twitter that Disneyland Paris would be closing in two days time. We had guessed that this was coming, and we were so lucky that we were flying home that night as when we landed back in Belfast, we discovered that the park was closing that night instead. So we were in the park for its last working day.

This ended up being a much less stressful day, because we felt more informed and we knew what was happening. We decided just to focus on enjoying our final day as much as we could.

We had a fantastic time and this day has been dubbed “The One With All the Characters.” As there was limited entertainment on offer, Disneyland Paris really doubled down on the amount of meetable characters in both parks. This suited us really well because we both love meeting characters and we were able to tick some new ones off our list!

In terms of actually meeting the characters, the rules were a bit all over the place. You were allowed to hug some characters but not others. Of course, this all came down to the wishes of the individual characters and obviously I didn’t hug any characters unless they initiated it. 

Also, members were not allowed to take photographs for guests so if we wanted a photo with both of us in it, it had to be a selfie. Turns out, character selfies are EPIC and we will be doing this from now on regardless!

Morning at the Disneyland Park

We checked out of the Cheyenne first and then headed for Guest Services (near the entrance to the Disneyland Hotel) to put our suitcase in storage.

Hyperspace Mountain
Orbitron and Hyperspace Mountain looking beautiful first thing in the morning!

During Extra Magic Time we rode Orbitron, Hyperspace Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain before making our way to Plaza Gardens for our character breakfast. We have wanted to do the Plaza Gardens character breakfast for SUCH a long time. I don’t want to say too much about it in this post as my next blog post is going to be a full review of the Plaza Gardens breakfast.

Breakfast with Piglet at Plaza Gardens!
Breakfast with Piglet at Plaza Gardens

We had the most amazing time, we met 6 characters and the food was absolutely delicious. 10/10 – would recommend. We didn’t need to eat again until dinner!

After Plaza Gardens, we bumped into Gepetto and Pinocchio on our way to Fantasyland! They are so much fun. We had met Gepetto back in February 2019 (hugely underrated character) and Pinocchio was a new one for us. We had great craic with them, we were allowed hugs, Pinocchio stole my ears and we took lots of selfies. 

Pinocchio and Gepetto

If you remember from Day 4, we missed out on meeting Winnie the Pooh so we made him a priority for the day. We were really lucky as when we got there, Pooh and Tigger were meeting together. We had met Tigger at our character breakfast earlier in the day but we didn’t mind. When there’s two characters together, they interact and bounce off each other and it makes the meet even more fun. Again, these two were huggers!

Tigger and Winnie the Pooh


Morning in Walt Disney Studios

We did a quick park-hop over to the Studios to ride RC Racer. It’s one of the most thrilling rides in that park and we had only done it once this trip so far. 

Chip Dale Clarice

On our way there, we found Chip, Dale AND Clarice meeting together. Clarice was a new character for us, she is so sassy. I loved her. We weren’t allowed to hug any of them but they are so cheeky we didn’t really notice any difference. Trying to get a selfie with these three was hilarious.

After RC Racer, it was straight back to the Disneyland Park because we both wanted to meet our favourites again before the end of the trip

Afternoon at the Disneyland Park

Donald Duck

Our next character meet was with Donald. This was an amazing meet, he spent so much time with Amy and she was showing him our drawings of him that we did in Animation Celebration earlier in the week. We got some Photopass photos taken at this meet but they haven’t appeared on our Photopass. None of the Photopass staff are working at the moment due to COVID-19 but fingers crossed they will be able to retrieve them for us once things are back to normal.

Minnie Mouse
Although I missed my hug – this photo will be my phone background forever!


Then I insisted that we went to see my girl Minnie again. This was a bit of a weird meet. It was definitely enjoyable but we weren’t allowed to hug her. To be honest it was mostly strange because less than 24 hours before, we were having big hugs and dancing around the Cookout together. With that being said, we got some really nice photos and she loved my polka dot skirt.

Afternoon at Walt Disney Studios

Penguins Mary Poppins
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Then it was back to the Studios again for our Tower of Terror fast pass. On our way in we saw not one, not two but THREE of the penguins from Mary Poppins. We’d never met them before and they were super cuddly. Our selfies with them are some of my favourite photos of the trip. I hope that next time we’re at Disneyland Paris, it’s safe enough for Mary and Bert to join them. We’d love to meet them too.

The Incredibles

After Tower of Terror we met MR AND MRS INCREDIBLE. I didn’t even know that the Incredibles “lived” at Disneyland Paris. They were absolutely fantastic and it would be fab if they could be made a permanent meet and greet. They made us put our hands in the middle and shout “1, 2, 3….INCREDIBLES” and honestly, we felt like superheroes. 10/10 for the Incredibles.

Evening at the Disneyland Park

We had a bit more time to kill before we had to go and catch our train so we decided to ride Autopia in Discovery Land which was brilliant craic. Definitely not just for kids. We needed to get some food so we went to an old favourite, Cafe Hyperion.

BB8 Menu
The BB8 menu at Cafe Hyperion

This was a bit spooky as there was hardly anyone else there. If you haven’t been before, this restaurant is always HEAVING. We got our food – I got a BB8 burger with chips and a coke, it was just as good as I remembered from our February 2019 trip. It also came with a “BB8 dessert” which was sadly just as rotten as last time! Despite the weird atmosphere, we enjoyed the food and watched some Mickey Mouse short cartoons while we ate.

Then, sadly, it was time to head back to the luggage desk to collect our suitcase and head for the TGV train to the airport.

And so we come to the end of our Disneyland Paris adventure for March 2020. We were supposed to be returning to the parks in June 2020, but at the moment it doesn’t look like this is going to happen. I really hope that it is safe enough for the parks to reopen soon so we can go back to our happy place! I know I will be back as soon as it’s safe to be there!

We hope you enjoyed following our trip reports. Even though the parks are closed, there is plenty more content to come including hotel/restaurant reviews and the long-awaited Disneyland Paris haul!

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