Food and Dining at Disneyland Paris – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my Food and Dining at Disneyland Paris series!

On our November 2019 Disneyland Paris trip, we wanted to try as many new places to eat as we could. Unfortunately this proved quite difficult. A lot of the on-site restaurants were closed due to our visit being during an off-peak time.

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I did my best to photograph as many of our meals and snacks as I could. It wasn’t always possible but I tried! We didn’t have a meal plan and we didn’t eat breakfast at all.

As we’re Magic Plus Annual Pass holders, we get 10% off in most of the Disneyland Paris/Walt Disney Studios/Disney Village restaurants. We also get a free non-alcoholic apertif in all of the sit-down restaurants on site.

Sunday – Day 1

Minnie Mouse inventions
No food pics at Inventions – but here’s a photo of Minnie Mouse instead!

On our first day, we went to Sunday Brunch at Inventions in the Disneyland Hotel. I’ll be honest, I totally forgot to take photographs of the food. Sunday Brunch is chaotic, there are 10 characters running around and I was more concerned about making sure that I got to meet them all.

Sunday Brunch is buffet-style and spread across 4 tables: Starters, Main Courses, Seafood and Desserts. The food is much the same as the lunch and dinner selections at Inventions. The main difference is that you get a glass of champagne on arrival at Brunch, along with more characters and special themed outfits. Sunday Brunch costs €99 per person.

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Monday – Day 2

We spent our Monday in the Disneyland Park and we had lunch at Cafe Hyperion in Discovery Land. We had eaten there before, but they updated their menu for Christmas so I was dying to try it.

Christmas Menu Cafe Hyperion

I ordered the “Christmas Menu” which consisted of: A burger with cheese, red onion, cornflakes (!!!), gherkins and smoked sauce, fries, a soft drink and a dessert.

The whole meal was delicious but my favourite part was the “Minnie Chrismousse” which was a white chocolate mousse with raspberry jam inside.

The meal cost €16.99 (€15.29 with my annual pass) which is pretty expensive for a quick service restaurant but it was a huge amount of food and I didn’t need to eat again for a long time.

Minnie Dessert Cafe Hyperion

Amy got a regular cheeseburger meal which came with a drink and a small Magnum ice-cream.

We spent the evening in the Sports Bar, which is in the Disney Village. We ordered 2 small pizzas and a portion of nachos between the two of us. It was far too much food and if I’m honest, it was very average and we probably wouldn’t eat there again. It was quite reasonably priced though, the pizzas were €9.99 each.

Pepperoni pizza Sports Bar

Cheese Pizza Sports Bar

Nachos Sports Bar

Tuesday – Day 3

We spent Day 3 of our trip at Walt Disney Studios. The food options are more limited in the Studios – so we actually decided to go to Earl of Sandwich in the Disney Village. I can’t believe we’d never eaten there before, as the sandwiches were really tasty and excellent value.

Earl of Sandwich sandwiches

Amy got the “Full Montagu” and I got chipotle chicken. I can’t remember the exact prices but Earl of Sandwich is a great place to eat if you’re doing Disneyland Paris on a budget.

After a busy day in Walt Disney Studios, we headed to Annette’s Diner. This was another new restaurant for us. I’d heard so many good things about it and we weren’t disappointed! Annette’s is one of the restaurants which offer the free non-alcoholic Apertifs for Annual Pass holder so I took advantage of that.



Cheeseburger Meal Annette's Diner

I ordered from the “Annette’s Favourite Menu” which was a choice of main course and a chocolate brownie with ice-cream for €19.99 (€17.99 for AP). I got the standard cheeseburger and fries. Everything we ate in Annette’s was delicious but I have to give a special shout-out to that brownie because it was OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Annettes Diner Chocolate Brownie

Annette’s Diner also gets extra points because the waiters and waitresses are on rollerskates.

Wednesday – Day 4

This day was a bit of a disaster to start with food-wise. Like I mentioned before, a lot of the restaurants on-site were closed and everywhere that was open had a huge queue. We ended up visiting the Market House Deli which we’d been to on our last trip. Their giant croque-monsiuers (French ham and cheese toasties!) are AMAZING. So good that I completely forgot to take a photo first and tore into it straight away!

croque monsieur

This is literally all we ate that day because we were saving ourselves for our special last-night-of-the-trip treat meal at Bistrot Chez Remy in Walt Disney Studios. Let me tell you, this is the best food we’ve had not only on the trip but EVER on Disney property.

Bistrot Chez Remy is a restaurant themed to the film “Ratatouille”. It’s one of our favourite films and the restaurant was sadly closed on our last trip (do you see a theme here?!). We were so lucky to get a reservation this time around.

Everything in the restaurant is over-sized, to make you feel like you’ve been shrunk down to the size of a rat. We love a good theme, so straight away it was a hit for us!

Soup and Bread

For starters we both ordered the “seasonal soup” which we THINK was carrot and parsnip with creme fresh and bread. I could honestly have eaten that soup all day. Someone had told me that the soup they serve in Bistrot Chez Remy is served cold but thankfully this was lovely and warm!

steak and chips

For our main course, we both got steak and chips with a side of, of course, ratatouille! The steaks were served with “chefs” sauce and cooked to perfection. The chefs sauce had a strong mushroom taste, which we both loved but it’s worth noting that it’s not your traditional pepper sauce!

Gusteau Dessert


For dessert I ordered “Gusteau’s Dessert” – another surprise dish! Luckily this was super tasty. It was an eclair with a cream and custard filling. I have a huge sweet tooth so this was perfect for me. To be honest, I still daydream about it to this day!

Our food was ordered from the three-course “Remy” menu – which was €31.99 each. We also got a bottle of wine to split along with our free Annual Pass apertifs.

We will absolutely come back to Bistrot Chez Remy in the future.


Thursday – Day 5

Cheese hot dog

On our final day, we went back to Annette’s Diner. We wanted to make sure that we got a big meal which would tide us over until we got back to Belfast.

I opted to order from the “Annette’s Favourites” menu again but this time I ordered the cheese hotdog with chips. This is a terrible picture of the food, it’s far tastier that this photo makes it look. For dessert, I got the brownie again. No need to post another pic, just scroll up!

Favourite Meal: Bistrot Chez Remy hands down!
Least Favourite Meal: Sports Bar

If you want to check out the menus for the restaurants on-site – they’re all uploaded on the Disneyland Paris website.

Where is your favourite place to eat at Disneyland Paris? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know!

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