Food and Dining at Disneyland Paris – Part 1

Across our recent trip to Disneyland Paris – we got to try many different restaurant and dining options from table service, to counter service, character dining and buffets.

Eating at Disneyland Paris, like any other theme park is expensive. We were prepared for this and brought plenty of money with us but I understand if some people are horrified by the food prices if they haven’t done their research and don’t know what to expect.

With that being said, we didn’t have one bad meal while we were there. Although the food is expensive, we found it to be really tasty and filling which softened the blow of the cost a little bit

As you’ll see, we found that sharing one meal between us at lunchtime was plenty, so that’s a good way to save a few euro while you’re there!

Also, on this trip we pretty much skipped breakfast each day. I know, I know, most important meal of the day. But we don’t eat it at home, and we’d rather use our Extra Magic Time to get the busy rides done!

 *I haven’t edited the photographs in this post – I want to give you the real deal!*


Day 1

Brunch at Market House Deli – Main Street USA

croque monsieur

After tackling Extra Magic Time full pelt combined with having eaten NOTHING since the airport at 4pm the day before – we were STARVING. We ducked into the Market House Deli on Main Street and got these massive croque monsieurs – which are effectively giant ham and cheese toasties. This photograph doesn’t do justice to the size of these bad boys, they were bigger than my head!

If you can get a seat by the window, Market House Deli is a great place to watch the parades coming down Main Street.

They were €7.49 each.

Snacking at Fuente Del Oro – Frontier Land

loaded fries fuente del oro

Fuente Del Oro is my favourite counter-service restaurant at Disneyland Paris. The restaurant itself is themed around the film Coco and it serves mainly Mexican food like fajitas and burritos.

We split a portion of their “Loaded Fries” which were fries topped with guacamole, kidney beans, cheese and sweetcorn. These were AMAZING and cost €10.99.

Cocktails at Bar Fantasia, Disneyland Hotel

blue glowtini cocktail

We had an hour or two to spare between the end of the fireworks and our reservation at Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. My good friend Zoe (aka Caffeine and Pixiedust) highly recommended Glowtini’s so we headed for Bar Fantasia.

I personally love this bar as Fantasia is one of my favourite Disney films. HOWEVER if you are on a tight budget – this one is probably not for you. My blue Glowtini cost €19 which is very steep for one cocktail. With that being said, it was super strong and more than one would have knocked me flat! They’re very fruity and have a strong peach taste.

FUN TIP: Bar Fantasia is the most expensive place to buy Glowtini’s in the resort. I got a red one in the bar at the Santa Fe Hotel for €12.99

Dinner at Buffalo Bills Wild West Show

Our evening meal was at Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. This is a dinner show in the Disney Village and you get a HUGE amount of food!

corn bread and chilli Disneyland Paris

Our first “course” was a bowl of nachos/dorritos closely followed by some cornbread and chilli. We both said that the chilli at Buffalo Bills was the nicest we’ve ever had.

bbq meat buffalo bill

Next we got what was effectively a big plate of barbecued meat and baby potatoes – which was also amazing.

As if that wasn’t enough food – we were then brought apple crumble and ice-cream. By this stage I was so full I could barely touch it, but Amy managed hers and really enjoyed it. I was so full I couldn’t even bring myself to take a photo!

I was so surprised by the quality of the food at Buffalo Bills. My expectations weren’t particularly high because, of course, all the food was cooked en mass but I was pleasantly surprised and I would definitely recommend it for any Disneyland Paris first-timers.

Price-wise we had “category 2” tickets and they were £57.00 per person (includes the show and all your food and drinks for the night)

Day 2

“Breakfast” at Restaurant en Coulisse

croissant and coffee

On day 2 of our trip we hit up Walt Disney Studios. After a mad Extra Magic Time – we went to Restaurant en Coulisse to grab some croissants (when in France after all!) and coffee to set us up for the day. These were absolutely grand and kept us going until lunchtime.

Unfortunately I can’t remember how much these cost but I think they were pretty reasonably priced.

Lunch at Blockbuster Cafe

mushroom pizza

For lunch we split this mushroom pizza at Blockbuster Cafe. It was very, very tasty and half a pizza was more than enough for both of us.

It cost €9.99.

Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe (Disney Village)

This was an experience! The decor inside the Rainforest Cafe is simply amazing. So amazing, that I forgot to write down the prices, oops! I will say that the Rainforest Cafe is expensive but we had a great meal and would eat there again.

cheesy garlic bread

For starter we shared some cheesy garlic bread which was pretty darn good.

rasta pasta rainforest cafe

For my main I had the “Rasta Pasta” which was chicken, pasta and loads of tasty colourful vegetables. I would 100% order it again.

little italy burger rainforest cafe

Amy got the Little Italy burger and only had good things to say about it. The portion size was huge!

The desserts in Rainforest Cafe looked great but I was SO full – I just couldn’t do it! Maybe next time!

FUN TIP: If you’re going to Rainforest Cafe, try and arrive during Illuminations – if you wait until the park is closed/closing the queues will be out the door!


Day 3

We were back in the main park for Day 3. We skipped breakfast entirely and opted for an early lunch between fast passes!

Lunch at Cafe Hyperion – Discovery Land

bb8 burger cafe hyperion disneyland paris

For the first time this trip we got a lunch each. We both got the Star Wars themed “BB8” menu which was a cheese and bacon burger with fries and a drink. The sauce on this burger was something else! We both loved it.

bb8 dessert cafe hyperion disneyland paris

We also got dessert as part of the meal. It was…interesting. I really wasn’t a fan of the outer coating of the dessert but the chocolate mousse inside it was yummy… so jury’s out on that one!

The BB8 menu costs €16.99 and you do get a lot of food!

Dinner at Inventions – Disneyland Hotel

inventions mickey mouse disneyland paris

I don’t want to say too much about Inventions as it’s going to be a separate blog post.

Inventions is a character dining buffet within the Disneyland Hotel. They have every single food item you could think of. I had about 4 courses, but unfortunately only managed to take photos of two. I was too distracted by the characters!

dessert disneyland paris inventions

This was the #1 highlight of the trip for both of us and we’re so excited to book again for our next trip.

It’s pricey at €69 per adult but absolutely worth every penny.


Day 4

Coffee and Brownies at The Cable Car Bake Shop (Main Street)

brownie donut coffee disneyland paris

After Extra Magic Time (and 3 busy days in the parks!) – my energy was running low. And the best way to fix that is, of course, caffeine and sugar! We popped into the Cable Car Bake Shop where we got coffee, a brownie and a filled donut.

They were amazing and you could really taste how fresh they were. It worked out around €12.99 for all of it.


Early Dinner at Hakuna Matata (Adventure Land)

hakuna matata disneyland paris

This was our last day in the parks and we had a late flight so we wanted to eat as much as possible to keep us ticking over until we got home that night. We opted for Hakuna Matata which is a Lion King themed restaurant in Adventure Land. The theming in here is ON POINT – so if you want a really immersive dinner experience without breaking the bank – this is the one for you!

We both ordered chicken strips and chips and we shared a portion of mozzarella sticks. This was “Menu 2” from the restaurant and it was €14.99

The only negative thing I will say about Hakuna Matata is that while it was really tasty at the time, the food does repeat on you for a good few hours after you eat it. Maybe we were just unlucky?


Next time?

Top of our list for our next trip is Bistrot Chez Remy, which is a restaurant themed around the film Ratatouille. It was closed on our February visit so we’re really hoping to eat there in November.

I’m also dying to get a Mickey-shaped waffle from Victorias but again, it wasn’t open during our February visit. Sad face.

What is your favourite restaurant at Disneyland Paris?


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    1. Buffalo Bills is worth it for the food alone – I would definitely recommend it! We had the best time ever!

  1. Thankyou this was very insightful, were going to inventions when we go in 3 weeks and im so excited so look forward to reading about that, also wanting to get a glowtini so thankyou for your tips on that we dont have park entry on our first day but we do have a disney hotel so can easily grab one on our first night

    1. Hi Gemma! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. Glowtini’s are amazing – the perfect start to a Disney holiday! Let me know if you have any other DLP questions and I’ll do my best to help. Have a magical trip ✨? xx

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