Disneyland Paris Halloween/October 2020 Bucket List

I’ve left it quite late to post this because for a while, this Halloween Disneyland Paris adventure was looking very uncertain. BUT with less than a week left to go – I feel a bit more confident posting it.

Of course, this trip is going to be pretty different from our other Disney trips.  But instead of being sad about the things that aren’t there – we’re going to focus on the new experiences that we haven’t done before!

Before I get started with the list, a lot of people on Instagram have asked about how we feel about wearing masks at the parks. Neither of us are too worried about wearing masks because we wear them a lot at home anyway. We both feel reassured by the safety measures Disneyland Paris have put in place and we’re more than happy to visit.

Also for those wondering why we booked a Disneyland Paris trip during a pandemic – we didn’t! This trip has been booked since November 2019 and we’ve always wanted to go during Halloween season.

Meet New Characters

This was always going to be #1 on our list. Meeting characters is our favourite thing to do at Disney (make sure you check out our list of characters we’ve met). Whilst traditional character meets (hugs and autographs) won’t be available while we’re there, Disneyland Paris have created “selfie spots”. That way, we can still interact and take photos with our favourite characters from a safe distance.

One of the few silver linings that the new safety measures have created is that characters which you could not meet previously are now meeting guests at selfie spots. The ones we’re most excited about are Anna, Elsa and Kristoff from Frozen, the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella and OF COURSE – the villains who will be taking over the park while we’re there!

Experience the Halloween Decorations

This will be our first time at Disneyland Paris for the Halloween season. It won’t the traditional Disneyland Paris Halloween as there will be no “big” parade or any set shows. BUT we are looking forward to seeing all the little mini cavalcades which I’m sure will be just as magical.

We’re still really excited to see the park decorated and see the characters dressed in their Halloween costumes.

We want to see absolutely everything that Disney has to offer and I will be reviewing it all right here on my blog.

Watch Mickey’s Philharmagic!

We used to watch this on every single trip, but for some reason we skipped it on our March 2020 trip and I’m really missing it. It’s a lovely little 20-minute 4D show – and a great place to sit down and relax if you’ve been on your feet all day!

Megan and Amy wearing 3d glasses and yellow ponchos
Can you tell that we’re big Philharmagic fans?

Get Every Single “Magic Shot”

This is going to be our “challenge” of the trip.

Magic Shots have been at the other Disney parks across the world for a long time, but we’ve only just got them at Disneyland Paris. As there are no Photopass photographers at the characters meets at the moment, these are a very welcome additional to the roster!

A Magic Shot is a photo taken by Photopass Photographers with a little bit of extra magic added in. For example, the photographer will ask you to pose with your hands outstretched and when you get the photo back – Tinkerbell will be sitting on your hand.

We’ve got a list of all the Magic Shots available at Disneyland Paris so we’ll be ticking them off as we go!

Try Some New Restaurants

Megan standing outside Bistrot Chez Remy

We normally do character dining experiences but as these aren’t going ahead at the moment, we’ve had to put a bit more thought into where we want to eat.

The only reservations we hold at the moment are for Bistrot Chez Remy  and La Cantina at the Santa Fe hotel.

We’ve eaten at Chez Remy before and loved it – so it was a no-brainer that we were going to book it again. 

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We’ve never eaten at La Cantina before despite having stayed at the Santa Fe a few times. Their new Mexican menu sounds delicious and I’ll be doing a blog post when I get home about how the former buffet restaurants are operating during COVID. 

The rest of the time we’ll be doing counter-service and places that don’t require reservations like Vapianos, Rainforest Cafe and Planet Hollywood. 

Trade Some Pins!

Minnie pins
I got these pins from the trading board back in March 2020 – hopefully we’ll be as lucky this time!

Due the safety measures in place, you cannot trade pins with Cast Members at the moment. However, you can still trade with the pin board at Pueblos Trading Post which is now open every day instead of just weekends. 

I’ve always had really good luck with the pin board and have come away with some great pins so I hope the same will happen on this trip.

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Ride the Disneyland Railroad

I haven’t been on it since I was a child and Amy has never been on it. The Disneyland Railroad was closed for nearly 2 years, so I’m delighted to see it back up and running! I don’t think we’ll be using it as our main transport around the park but it would be lovely to sit on it for a full rotation to see our favourite areas of the park from another viewpoint!

Buy Some Merch!

Unsurprisingly at the top of my list are some pins! I really love the Parisian Minnie Mouse collection and I’m hoping to get all three of the pins.

I’m also hopefully going to buy my first ever Loungefly bag! As lovely as some of the Loungefly bags are, they’re pretty expensive. I’m the kind of person who would be scared of using them in case they get ruined. With that being said, I’ve completely fallen in love with this one and I can see myself using it because it’s a bit less “out there” than the rest of them!

Finally, on our March trip I spotted a Star Wars jacket in the shop outside Star Tours and decided against buying it. I’ve regretted it ever since (always the way!). With a bit of luck they will still have it and I’ll definitely buy it this time!

Disneyland Paris

As always, I will be posting our hotel, restaurant and entertainment reviews, along with a haul post as soon as we get back from our trip.

If you’re going to be at Disneyland Paris at the same time as us, please drop me a DM on Instagram (@MeganLovesDisney ) if you want to hang out!

OR if there’s something in particular you want me to do and review while I’m there – I’m always open to suggestions!

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