Mini Disneyland Paris Haul – December 2019

With every trip, comes a Disneyland Paris Haul!

We were at Disneyland Paris from 29th-31st December 2019, if you haven’t caught up with our trip reports, you can start with Part 1 here:

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As you will see, didn’t go too mad with shopping this time. We only had hand luggage cases so we didn’t have room to bring a lot back. With that being said, we did get a few bits that I want to share with you!


gingerbread men

The first thing we bought were these plushie gingerbread Mickey and Minnie. I had fallen in love with them on our November 2019 trip but for some reason I didn’t end up buying them. I regretted it the minute I got home so I made a point of grabbing them on this trip. They were €19.99 (€17.99 with our Annual Pass discount) and we got them in the Thunder Mesa shop in Frontier Land.

Mickey Plush

I also got this cute Mickey plushie as he was on offer for €9.99 when you bought something else so I simply couldn’t resist. We put him on our table at Café Mickey the next night and the characters loved him! So that justifies the purchase (for me anyway!)

Photo Album

Disney photo album

The next thing we got was this photo album. We had been looking for a photo album back in November but there wasn’t much of a selection and we decided to wait until we found one that we really wanted. By chance, the new “Best Day Ever” merch collection was released while we were at the parks so we grabbed this one as soon as we saw it. It was €16.99 from the Emporium on Main Street.


Minnie Mouse Gloves

I ended up getting these Minnie Mouse gloves in Thunder Mesa on our last day. I had left my gloves in our hotel by accident and I was really struggling with the cold. It was -5 degrees so I gave in and got these for €16.99 (€15.29 with discount!). It wasn’t a wasted purchase because I’ll wear them at home too!


Disney pin

Amy actually bought me this Fab 5 pin. We saw it in Star Traders – which is the gift shop you walk through on the way out of the Star Tours ride. We grabbed it because we hadn’t seen it anywhere else, but of course after we bought it we saw it in every single shop! It was €7.99 (€7.19) and a lovely addition to my collection.

Inside Out pin

I picked up this Inside Out (or Vice Versa as they call it in France!) pin in the shop inside Studio 1 in Walt Disney Studios. It was €7.99. Inside Out isn’t one of my main pin collections but I was very excited to see Bing Bong on a pin as you rarely see him on merch anywhere!

Aladdin pin

The final pin I got was this beautiful Aladdin and Jasmine pin. I got it in the shop at Studio 1. I bought it because we had an amazing character meet with Aladdin on our last day and I wanted something to remember it by.

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What are your favourite souvenirs from Disneyland Paris? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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