The Benefits of Having a Magic Plus Annual Pass at Disneyland Paris

On our November 2019 trip, we finally became annual pass holders for Disneyland Paris! We opted for the Magic Plus annual passes, which are the second-to-top tier of AP’s, with only the Infinity Pass ranking higher.

We really love being pass holders – it really makes you feel like you’re part of the Disneyland Paris family. It also makes it a bit easier (only a little bit!) to leave the parks at the end of the trip, because you know you’ll be coming back.

In terms of pass holder perks, we noticed the benefits of being an Annual Passholder almost instantly. I thought I would give you a run-down of our experience. Hopefully this will help you to make up your mind if you’re considering whether or not the Magic Plus Annual Pass is for you!

Disneyland Paris Magic Plus Annual Pass


The cost of a Magic Plus Annual Pass is €22 per month (after an initial payment of €50) or €299 upfront. The Infinity pass is more expensive at €449.00 and the Magic Flex and Discovery passes are cheaper at €259 and €179 respectively.
We chose the Magic Plus passes because they best suited our budget (we paid upfront) and the perks were exactly what we wanted. There’s no denying that the Infinity pass is amazing but it’s such a big price-jump that we couldn’t justify it!

Access to the Two Disney Parks for 350 days of the Year

With the Magic Plus Annual Pass – there are only two “blackout” weeks where you can’t use your pass to enter the parks. They are the week of Halloween and the week of Christmas. We don’t mind this – as we never visit Disneyland Paris during school holidays.

Fun Fact: If you do want to visit the parks with your Magic Plus Annual Pass during these weeks – you can override the blackout days by staying onsite in a Disney Hotel.

20% Off Day Tickets

With your Magic Plus Annual Pass – you can purchase day tickets to both parks for as little as €45.00. This is a great option if you’re bringing along a friend who isn’t an Annual Pass holder.

Discount for Room Only Stays in On-Site Hotels

Once you have your Annual Pass – you can call the dedicated Annual Pass phone line to get a quote for a room-only stay. After all, your pass is your park ticket for the year so you don’t need to buy packages with tickets included. So far, we’ve actually found it so much better value to stay off-site and book through but we’re going to keep trying the Annual Pass line in the New Year because we’ve heard people getting amazing deals.

Use of the Disney car park

OK – so we don’t use this perk as we don’t drive but for those who do, you can park at Disneyland Paris for free. This is a fab  perk – as parking on-site costs €30 per day if you don’t have an annual pass. OUCH!

Disneyland Paris Castle

10% Discount in the Disneyland Shops

This is a perk that we DEFINITELY use. 10% may not sound like a huge discount but if you’re a merch collector, it all adds up pretty quickly! There are also certain weekends where annual pass holders get an increased discount so it’s worth having a look to see if you can plan your trips around those weekends if you’re into shopping.

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10% Discount in Disney Restaurants

This is pretty self-explanatory! Disney dining can get very expensive so any saving is a good saving. This applies to all of the restaurants in the parks and hotels. You can also use the discount in select restaurants in the Disney Village but it’s worth doing your research to make sure your discount applies. The discount does not include alcoholic drinks. Which leads me on to…

Free Non-Alcoholic Apertif at Disney Restaurants

We claimed our free non-alcoholic apertif at all the sit-down meals we had. They’re different in each restaurant but they’re all nice and fruity. I was actually pretty impressed with the size of the drinks, I expected them to be tiny but they really weren’t. Claiming your free drink is a great way to save money, as you could be paying up to €6.99 for a coke in some of the restaurants on-site!

Cocktail Disneyland Paris
My apertif in Annette’s Diner

20% off Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

We saw Buffalo Bills Wild West Show back in February 2019 before we had our Annual Passes. The show itself is great and we loved the food (BBQ!) We probably won’t do it again anytime soon, purely because it doesn’t really change but if you haven’t seen it – we would recommend using your Annual Pass discount to visit!

Private Entrance to Both Parks

We loved using the Annual Pass entrances – we didn’t queue for park entry at all on our last trip.

The Annual Pass entrance to the Disneyland Park is located to the far left of the Disneyland Hotel – you actually have to walk around the side of the hotel to find it.

The Annual Pass entrance for Walt Disney Studios is the first gate on the left.

The separate entrances are especially useful if you’re park hopping, as you can skip past all the queues!

Extra Magic Time

Access to Extra Magic Time was our #1 priority when we were choosing which tier of Annual Pass to buy. Extra Magic Time is between 8:30am – 10:00am every morning. You can enter the parks before they open to the general public and it’s a great way to get the popular rides like Big Thunder Mountain and Peter Pan’s Flight done without joining a massive queue!

The only people with access to Extra Magic Time are guests staying on-site or guests with Magic Plus or Infinity Annual Passes. This was the perfect option for us as it’s allowing us to have cheaper Disney trips staying off-site/room only but without losing Extra Magic Time.

Annual PhotoPass

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that we are big fans of Photopass + and over the last year we’ve noticed a big increase in the number of Photopass opportunities at Disneyland Paris. The Annual Photopass costs €59.99 with a Magic Plus Annual Pass and it’s fantastic value considering the regular 10-day Photopass + is €75.99!

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Annual Pass Events and Discount for Ticketed Events

A few times a year, Disneyland Paris hold Annual Pass Parties and as the name suggests, you need an Annual Pass to get a ticket. We haven’t been to one yet – but we’re planning to use our discount to get tickets for Magical Pride this year. These parties often have exclusive shows and rare characters – so I’m dying to get to one!

Disney Village Disneyland Paris

If you want to learn more, or explore the other Annual Pass options available – they’re all explained on the official Disneyland Paris website .

Are you an Annual Pass holder? What are your favourite perks?

If you have any questions about the Magic Plus Annual Pass – please leave me a comment below and I’ll do my best to help!

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